Clinique Oil Free UV Face Cream

Clinique Oil Free UV Face Cream Review.jpg


Protection? Broad Spectrum SPF 30

Filters? Octinoxate 7.5%; Octisalate 4.5%; Titanium Dioxide 4.6%; Zinc Oxide 5.0%

Country of Origin? United States

Water resistant? No.

Who is it for?

Skin types? I will say it will suit all skins – I don’t think it would be particularly divine for any given skin type, nor would it be wholly unsuitable for any, either.

Works for all skin tones? It should, yes.

What is it like?

Texture? A pliable, emollient cream.

Filmy, sticky, or heavy? It isn’t really any of these. It definitely isn’t sticky or heavy – the cream absorbs.

Flashback / White cast? There isn’t really a white cast once it is worked into the skin. If one hasn’t taken then time to apply it thoroughly, there will be some cast. There is a touch of flashback, but it isn’t severe.

Greasy? No, I don’t think it is greasy, but it isn’t at all mattifying, so if one has an oily complexion, it isn’t going to help the situation either.

Finish? Imperceptible.

Positive opinions?

It is perfectly fine. Fragrance free, absolutely adequate sunscreen. It is relatively hydrating, so I imagine that the driest skins will find it comfortable. It also lacks a feeling of greasiness, so oily skins should be able to tolerate it as well. It is unlikely to flare acne. All in all, perfectly fine.

Any bad news?

I just feel like this sunscreen is joyless. While fragrance free, it smells a bit of plastic, which isn’t remarkably pleasant. While it accommodates all skin types, I can’t think of a concern for which I would recommend this sunscreen first. It’s just kind of, blah. This is not to say I think this product is bad. However, it is to say that I am not in love. For $0.54 / ml of product, I want to be in love.


$27 / 50 ml | $0.54 / ml

Arbitrary personal ranking out of 10?

My love for this sunscreen is of note (7/10).

Similar products?

For me, the Skinceuticals Ultimate UV Defense offers the same selling points (fragrance free, accommodating to all skin types) but in a much more hydrating, comfortable vehicle. The texture is much more dreamy.

I feel similarly about the DCL Super Sheer Sunscreen, which I would recommend to those who want a matte finish.

It can be purchased here.