Supergoop Skin Soothing Mineral Sunscreen

Supergoop Skin Soothing Mineral Sunscreen Review.jpg


Protection? SPF 40; PA+++

Filters? Octinoxate 7.5%; Zinc Oxide 10.1%

Country of Origin? United States

Water resistant? No.

Who is it for?

Skin types? All sans sensitive or very dry.

Works for all skin tones? Erm, there is some white cast. I would test first.

What is it like?

Texture? It’s a thicker cream from the tube, but it absorbs well.

Filmy, sticky, or heavy? Once applied, no to all. But from the tube, it does seem like it will be heavy.

Flashback / White cast? There is some white cast and there is some flashback.

Greasy? No.

Finish? Matte-ish, but with a glow.

Positive opinions?

I quite like how this product absorbs and I like its texture on my skin. It seems much richer than it is. It is actually quite easy to apply, and it has a lot of give. I think those with a properly oily skin would like the finish of this sunscreen a lot – mattified, but not dead.

Any bad news?

Of the sunscreens in Supergoop’s impressive portfolio, I find this one to be the most hard to love. When I first began using it, I wasn’t as aware of Supergoop’s other options, and I felt more positive about it. Since trying most of the rest of the line, I find it fine, but not as good as their other sunscreens. For me, anyway.

Maybe that is just me / my skin, but I don’t really find it all that soothing. It is a little drying for me, especially when re-applied. I also find it to burn a bit on application. It isn’t severe, but it does feel a bit unpleasant for a moment.

To be clear: I don’t think this sunscreen is bad, but I think those who want a mineral screen would be better suited with the 100% Mineral, and those who want a lightweight, easy cream would be better suited with the Everyday Sunscreen. It is tough for me to recommend this very strongly, although I don’t think that it is, like, bad.


$28 / 71 ml | $0.39 / ml

Arbitrary personal ranking out of 10?

My love for this sunscreen is of note (7/10).

Similar products?

I think the Supergoop Smooth and Poreless 100% Mineral Matte Screen is a better product than this is. I find it strangely more soothing, although the texture isn’t as creamy.

If one wants a combination sunscreen, the Skinceuticals Ultimate UV Defense is more soothing than this, and has less of a cast. It is a more emollient cream – it has a dewey finish.

It can be purchased here.