Australian Gold Botanical Tinted Face Sunscreen

Australian Gold Botanical Tinted Face Sunscreen Review.jpg


Protection? Broad Spectrum SPF 50

Filters? Zinc Oxide 4%; Titanium Dioxide 4%

Country of Origin? United States. I don’t know why they call it Austrailian Gold – makes zero sense. I think it probably comes from the same factory as Egyptian Magic.

Water resistant? Yes, 80 minutes.

Who is it for?

Skin types? I think this is best suited to normal / normal-to-dry skin. I would not really recommend it for skins with a tendency towards surface dryness.

Works for all skin tones? I think that one could make it work. I find the pigment sheers out reasonably well. Do I think it is like, the best? No. But it isn’t the worst, especially for an American Drugstore sunscreen.

What is it like?

Texture? It’s a rich cream.

Filmy, sticky, or heavy? I find it a little filmy and a little heavy. I don’t find it sticky.

Flashback / White cast? There is no ‘white cast,’ as it is tinted. There is flashback.

Greasy? No, I don’t find it to be greasy.

Finish? Matte.

Positive opinions?

My favorite thing about this sunscreen is how it is affordable, accessible, and cosmetically elegant. It really has a lovely, rich texture. In terms of mineral sunscreens from the drugstore, I think this sunscreen is among the best.

I like how this sunscreen makes my skin look: even and smooth, and the right kind of matte, where there is some radiance, but no greasiness.

Any bad news?

I find this sunscreen really sits on top, and feels like a heavy film, for me. I don’t find it particularly drying, but I do find that it makes my face really, well, itchy, with reapplication. One application is fine: multiple is when I run into issues, and since I strongly believe in the reapplication of sunscreen, it makes it hard for me to recommend this robustly.

I also wouldn’t recommend this for acne prone skin. I hate to make that claim without some explanation, as everyone has different acne triggers. For me, if I use this for one or two days, I have no issue. If I use this sunscreen for several consecutive days, I find my skin becomes very surface dry; a feeling characterized by my skin’s oil feeling trapped beneath the surface. This eventually leads to cystic, under-the-skin blemishes, for me. Surface dryness is quite the bain of my existence.

This isn’t to say the Australian Gold is really drying: it actually has a very moisturizing shea butter base. It is to say that I find it to be too occlusive for me. I know my skin’s acne triggers, and I worry that people with skin like mine who don’t think about surface dryness constantly might find that this flares breakouts for them. Does that make sense? I hope it does.

I feel like this is more negative than I intend it to be. I think that those who don’t have acne who want an affordable mineral sunscreen will like this a lot.


$14 / 89 ml | $0.16 / ml

Arbitrary personal ranking out of 10?

My love for this sunscreen is of note (7/10).

Similar products?

Elta MD UV Physical is less moisturizing for sure, but is less occlusive as well. I find the Elta MD to be better for my skin.

DCL Super Sheer has a similar texture and a similar finish. I find it to be lighter (which makes sense, given its lack of water resistance) and more comfortable. It is also a lot more expensive.

The Supergooop Smooth and Poreless 100% Mineral is less matte and less occlusive. I like it a lot more than the Australian Gold, but it is much more expensive.

It can be purchased here.