Céll Fùsion C Post A Cure Sunscreen 100

Céll Fùsion C Post A Cure Sunscreen 100 Review.jpg


Protection? SPF 50+ PA++++

Filters? Octinoxate; Homosalate; Octisalate; Uvinul A Plus; Tinosorb S

Country of Origin? South Korea.

Water resistant? No. I don’t think so, anyway.

Who is it for?

Skin types? I think it spans oily to dry quite well. It is neither drying nor moisturizing, so those who struggle to keep their skin feeling balanced might like how it doesn’t seem to impact one’s sebum level in a perceptible way. Those who find denatured alcohol very irritating might not love it.

Works for all skin tones? Yes. It is blue from the tube but clear on the skin.

What is it like?

Texture? It’s a runny lotion / essence sort of texture. It doesn’t drip – there is surface tension – but it is quite liquid.

Filmy, sticky, or heavy? No, none of the above.

Flashback / White cast? No flashback, no white cast.

Greasy? No, it isn’t greasy.

Finish? Natural. I guess if I really think about it, I’ll say “soft-finish glow.” But mostly natural.

Positive opinions?

Let’s address the Smurf in the room – this sunscreen is blue. It contains blue tansy, and carries that flowers gorgeous fragrance. While it is blue and semi-fragrant from the bottle, both of these aspects seem to disappear on application.

I find this sunscreen perfectly fine to wear and generally beniegn. On the skin, it is weightless and imperceptible. It really feels nondisruptive. I don’t find it drying, I don’t find it to sting, and I don’t find it moisturizing or hydrating, either. It is marketed as calming and moisturizing: I don’t find it to be, but I don’t find it to not be, either. This isn’t a bad thing!

Any bad news?

I don’t have too many. It does have a bit of a dry-touch, volatile-silicone slippiness, but it’s not unpleasant textureally, even with reapplication. My big gripe is that this sunscreen doesn’t absorb like a cream. It’s kind of a gel-essence texture, and isn’t moisturizing at all. This isn’t to say it’s drying – I don’t find it to be, in spite of its denatured alcohol. One would be sagely advised to apply a good moisturizer before this product, as it isn’t occlusive enough to moisturize one’s face without a barrier beneath it.

This lack of moisturizing emollience informs my claim that I don’t really find this product to have a lush texture. I don’t think the texture is unappealing, but it wouldn’t make me rush to recommend it, if that makes sense.

This is all over the place. My point is that I like this sunscreen, and I think it is good, but I don’t find it dreamy or particularly outstanding for one reason or another. So, it’s good.


The price varies depending on where it is purchased. I paid: $29 / 50 ml | $0.58 / ml

Arbitrary personal ranking out of 10?

My love for this sunscreen is tangible (8/10).

Similar products?

This is a better version of the Shiseido Senka Mineral Water UV Essence. It’s less slick and less moisturizing. I much prefer the texture of the Céll Fùsion C – it doesn’t seem to slide around on top of itself. The Senka is cheaper, though, and easier to source.

On my skin, this feels a lot like the much more expensive Chantecaille Ultra Sun Protection. The Céll Fùsion doesn’t give the same radiant glow, but it feels similar, and is a lot cheaper, and offers better, more photostable UV protection.


I cannot reliably source this product online. They have it at Ume Cosme on 9th Street.