Darphin Intral Environmental Lightweight Shield

Darphin Intral Environmental Lightweight Shield Review.jpg


Protection? Broad Spectrum SPF 50+

Filters? Titanium Dioxide 6.3%, Zinc Oxide 4.0%

Country of Origin? “Designed in Paris - Made in the USA.” So, United States.

Water resistant? No.

Who is it for?

Skin types? I think it’s fine for all, actually.

Works for all skin tones? I don’t think so. The cast is tan, not white, but it is going to show on dark skins.

What is it like?

Texture? It’s a runny liquid. It is well formulated and doesn’t drip.

Filmy, sticky, or heavy? No.

Flashback / White cast? Yes flashback. As above, the cast isn’t white, but there is a pigmented cast. I think it is likely to match more skin tones than a stark white product, but I don’t think it’s like, stunningly accommodating.

Greasy? It’s not greasy, no.

Finish? It has a pretty natural finish. There’s a bit of mineral radiance.

Positive opinions?

Okay, this category of liquid, non-drying, mineral exclusive sunscreens, this is one of the best. It isn’t greasy and isn’t dry touch. This is impressive. The name “environmental shield” is well put: it really does feel like a strong, albeit lightweight, barrier. It makes my skin look and feel good.

I think the base formula of this sunscreen is really well done. It is a veil of weightless fluid, but it doesn’t spill, drip, or go tacky during application. It’s really, really well done.

I tend to use the Darphin sparingly. When I need my skin to look good and want to wear a mineral screen, I have confidence that this will deliver an appealing finish and solid photoprotection.

Any bad news?

I would think more positively of this sunscreen if it wasn’t a mortgage payment. It is unbelievably expensive, and 30 ml is enough sunscreen to do like, an eyelid. The price is actually psycho. Since it is so expensive, it just feels kind of “Meh, like, whatever, it’s good.”


$48 / 30 ml | $1.60 / ml

Arbitrary personal ranking out of 10?

My love for this sunscreen is of note (7/10).

Similar products?

The NeoStrata Sheer Physical Protection is a runnier texture with a tendency to drip. I find the Neostrata harder to apply evenly, and a bit drying. I have to pack and use a moisturizer beneath the Neostrata to prevent the mineral flakes, and I don’t need to do that with the Darphin. I have more confidence in the UVA protection offered by the Neostrata, and although it isn’t cheap, its price is easier to stomach.

The Colorescience Mineral Sunscreen is a bit richer. It’s more of a fluid lotion texture, and is more drying, but it is more affordable, and basically pretty similar, and I’d recommend that over the Darphin based on price alone.

It can be purchased here.