Tatcha Silken Pore Perfecting Sunscreen

Tatcha Silken Pore Perfecting Sunscreen Review.jpg


Protection? Broad Spectrum SPF 35 PA+++

Filters? Zinc Oxide 15%; Octisalate 5%

Country of Origin? United States.

Water resistant? No.

Who is it for?

Skin types? Suitable for all. Check plus for dry skin.

Works for all skin tones? Somehow, yes, I think it will be fine, but as always, I’d advise those who have anxiety to patch test first.

What is it like?

Texture? A glossy, smooth, luxe cream.

Filmy, sticky, or heavy? No, no, and no. It absorbs really well for a zinc based sunscreen. It’s pretty weightless. It makes my skin feel really good.

Flashback / White cast? No white cast for me, at all. Not sure how Tatcha managed to get that to happen.

Greasy? No. It’s really a gorgeous texture.

Finish? Soft focus.

Positive opinions?

This is a really good product. It is really very elegant and pleasurable to use. I really don’t know how it has no zincy cast. I just don’t understand it. Presumably they are using nanosized zinc – a presumption further evinced by the (good but not excellent) UVA protection. However, even nano zincs tend to be a bit casty, and I don’t find that to be the case here.

Tatcha always takes pride in their antioxidant complex, which is also included here, and is certainly doing no harm. Perhaps they contribute to how good this sunscreen makes my skin feel: nourished and calm. It also does seem to blur out pores, but does it in a way that doesn’t feel filmy.

Any bad news?

This sunscreen is an actual sensory delight. It’s very, very expensive. That’s my complaint. If it weren’t so expensive, I imagine I would use it with great frequency, and it would be among my favorite American sunscreens.


$65 / 59 ml | $1.10 / ml

Arbitrary personal ranking out of 10?

My love for this sunscreen is tangible (8/10).

Similar products?

The Ren Clean Screen is a bit less creamy and more whipped, in that zippy, quick to absorb, airy-gel-cream texture which I consider to be Ren’s signature. It’s also a more casty, which makes sense because the Ren is zinc exclusively, and the Tatcha is combination. The Tatcha is more moisturizing, but I do think they feel similarly on the skin.

It also reminds me of the DCL Super Sheer Sunscreen which has more of a cast. Its finish is more matte, whereas the Tatcha is more velvet // soft focus. The DCL doesn’t make my skin feel as nourished as the Tatcha does. The base creams have similar textures. The DCL is cheaper, too.

It can be purchased here.